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AI Model

AI Model

Solutions that recognize various characteristics of animals through artificial intelligence

 Paresis Model

AI model recognizes paresised animals

24-hour monitoring allows you to know when paresis occurs and analyze it through stored data.

Monitoring Model

AI model that recognizes the location of each animal part

Data such as animal activity location, area, posture, etc. can be stored and analyzed by recognizing the location of animal parts.

Tumor /

AI model that recognizes the location and size of an
animal's tumor / inflammatio
(Application of thermal imaging camera is required when
checking for inflammation)

Through 24-hour monitoring, the tumor size can be measured to track the size of the tumor and receive an alarm about the
timing of drug administration.

Tail Thickness
Measurement Model

An AI solution that automatically measures parts of
animals' bodies, in this case, digitizes data by recognizing
the tailthickness of mice and the weight printed on paper.

Measurement of tail starting
section (
100%) thickness

Measurement of the midsection (50%) thickness of the tail

Measurement of the end section (25%) thickness of the tail

weight recognition

Number, Weight, 100%, 50%, 25% (in pixels)

2D Keypoint
Analysis Model

An AI solution that, when given specific keypoints of an
animal, recognizes those keypoints in images, obtaining
data on a 
frame-by-frame basis for analysis.

Frame-by-frame, point-by-point Y-axis position

Point-by-point X, Y-axis positions

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