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6DOF collaboration robot applied to preclinical experiments

Cage 1 : 01~05

Cage 3 : 11~15

Cage 2 : 06~10

Cage 4 : 16~20

Cage 8 : 36~40

Cage 6 : 26~30

Cage 7 : 31~35

Cage 5 : 21~25

Artificial intelligence technology enables repetitive and time-consuming tasks on behalf of people.

Data can be stored by monitoring animals 24 hours a day to recognize the timing of paralysis,tumor/inflammatory size, etc.

Using collaborative robots with AI cameras, monitor and store data from 1 to 8 cages.

-   Model based on 1 to 4 cages of collaborative robot, 4 cages can be added if necessary.

-   Monitor and store data between 20 and 80 animals on average.


Syringe Injector Ⅰ

Syringe Injector Ⅱ


Brackets and objects mounted on the tool flange can be
changed freely depending on user usage.

Robotic behavior can be checked during remote control.

Robot Simulation & GUI

GUI in conjunction with robot simulation 

- Use development options (camera viewer, artificial intelligence model)
and use external script control for real-time control,
which is difficult to leverage with traditional teaching pendant

- Development of GUI to facilitate external script control.

Robot Operation

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