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Portable Smart Inject

Portable Smart Inject

A device that automatically performs
administration in the tail veins using  AI camera.

Control Panel AI Module


Animal Restraint Device

AI Camera

Method of Use

Fixation of anesthetized rat/mouse

Adjust animal restraint device

Imaging with AI camera
Application of vision
machine learning algorithm


Definition of the tail vein location

Tail vein administration

Needle detection and fine tuning


Green Line : Needle  ,  Red Line : Tail vein

Artificial Intelligence aligns tail vein and needle, and  controlled by GUI in 0.01mm increments automatically injects drugs.

Product Competitiveness

Administration accuracy achieved more than  90%

Enhancement in the accuracy 
of tail vein positioning

基Machine learning-based
image processing
Apllication of algorithm

Improved administration accuracy

Vein identification for AI

3D-scan library of experiment animal

In-house development of 3D animal immobilizing apparatus
by establishing an animal library

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