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brain inject

Brain Inject

Brain Inject

A 3D printing-based device to greatly enhance the accuracy
and speed of injection into the cerebrospinal fluid in the
cerebral ventricles.


Inject Module

Head-Fixing module


Bottom panel with magnet attached

Method of Use

Place the mouse on the injector

Align the tip of the eye of 
the mouse with the indicator

Injection with a needle through 
the insertion hole

(For additional experiments) 
Repeat numbers 1 to 3 after 
replacing the module

Data sheet

I.C.V injection placements.

Compared to no holder, use of the HFH significantly increased the probability
that trypan blue was administered into the lateral ventricle. 

In vivo fluorescence imaging using cy5.5. Cy5.5 was applied at 20uL in
phosphate- bufferd saline cia asingle intracerebroventricular(i.c.v.)
injection into the brains of healthy mice. A representative image of a
mouse head with cy5.5 visualized as a hotspot using fluorescence imaging.
B Representative image of a mouse brain section with cy 5.5 visualized
as a hotspot using fluorescence imaging.

Product Competitiveness

Significantly improves convenience of the experiment, productivity, and
economy feasibility more than other similar products.

for comparison

Surgical procedure

Anesthesia method

Correction time

Maximum number of experiments 
performed per day

Coordinate movement

Competitor A
(similar product)


Intraperitoneal injection

30 - 60 minutes

5 - 8 animals

Manual movement


Not needed

Inhalational anesthetic

1 minute

250 - 300 animals

Module replacement

Improvement in the convenience of the researcher

Increased experiment productivity

Outstanding versatility

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