Brain Inject

A 3D printing-based device to greatly enhance the accuracy and speed of administration into the cerebrospinal fluid in the cerebral ventricles.

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Injector (EZ-192101-BI)

Head Fixation module

Injector Plate (EZ-192101-BP)

Bottom Plates with magnet

Needle (EZ-192101-BI-N26)

Bottom Plates with magnet


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Intracerebroventricular injection is an invasive injection technique of substances directly into the cerebrospinal fluid in cerebral ventricles in order to bypass the blood brain barrier.

How it works

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I.C.V injection of trypan blue test

A.Mouse intra-cerebroinjection by the Brain inject
B.Mouse intra-cerebroinjection by manual 

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AP, anterior-posterior; F, failure; ML, medial-lateral; S, success. 

Compared to no holder, use of the HFH significantly increased the probability that trypan blue was administered into the lateral ventricle. 

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In vivo fluorescence imaging using cy5.5. Cy5.5 was applied at 20uL in phosphate- bufferd saline cia a single intracerebroventricular(i.c.v.) injection into the brains of healthy mice. A representative image of a mouse head with cy5.5 visualized as a hotspot using fluorescence imaging. B Representative image of a mouse brain section with cy 5.5 visualized as a hotspot using fluorescence imaging.