Portable Smart Inject

Portable Smart Inject

A device that automatically performs
administration in the tail veins using  AI camera.

Control Panel AI Module


Animal Restraint Device

AI Camera

Method of Use

Fixation of anesthetized rat/mouse

Adjust animal restraint device

Imaging with AI camera
Application of vision
machine learning algorithm

(                                )


Definition of the tail vein location

Tail vein administration

Needle detection and fine tuning


Green Line : Needle  ,  Red Line : Tail vein

Artificial Intelligence aligns tail vein and needle, and  controlled by GUI in 0.01mm increments automatically injects drugs.

Product Competitiveness

Administration accuracy achieved more than  90%

Enhancement in the accuracy 
of tail vein positioning

 Machine learning-based 
image processing 
Application of algorithm

Improved administration accuracy

 Vein identification for AI  

3D-scan library of experiment animal

 In-house development of 3D animal
immobilizing apparatus 
by establishing an animal library